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Lawn Care Tips

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To make your Growing Greener Lawns program the most effective, your lawn needs to be maintained properly. Proper lawn care, mowing and watering practices, can help us both in producing the thick, lush, weed free lawn you've always wanted.

Weekly lawn maintenance Proper mowing is essential to having a beautiful lawn. It's important to keep up on your weekly mowing, cut at the proper height and keep your mower maintained.

Here are a few mowing tips for proper lawn care:

  • Mow at about 3 inches. In early Spring and late Fall you can mow slightly shorter. During periods of heat and drought, always raise your mower about ½ inch. This is one of the most important lawn maintenance practices you can do for your lawn. Keeping it longer when it's hot and dry will help shade the plant and keep it cool. Since grass is made up of mostly water, when you remove too much of the grass blade you also remove part of the plants stored water.
  • Mowing high also creates a thick, dense lawn that can crowd out weeds and crabgrass.
  • Don't let your lawn overgrow. Stay on a weekly schedule so you don't cut off too much of the blade. This can stress the lawn and damage the plant.
  • Keep you mower blade sharp. A dull blade will tear your lawn and cause injury to the plant.
  • Don't scalp you lawn by cutting it too short.


Every lawn will require different watering techniques depending on soil type, amount of shade, current temperatures and time of year. It's not always a good idea to start up the sprinkler system in Spring and set it and forget it. Here are a few guideline:

  • Water enough to keep it green and actively growing. When it's well watered and actively growing it can stand up to heat, drought, kids play and even heavy foot traffic. When it's not watered enough your lawn will turn a darker blue green color. At this point it has lost the ability to cool itself in the hot sun and can't repair itself when it gets damaged.
  • If your footprints don't spring up after walking on your lawn, this is a sign that your lawn requires additional watering.
  • Water in the morning between 5 and 10 am. You want the soil wet, not the lawn. Watering overnight keeps your lawn wet and doesn't allow it to dry until daybreak.
  • Afternoon waterings are okay during periods of heat and drought. It provides water for the lawn and cools it off at the same time. It is also beneficial to water after mowing your lawn on a hot day.
  • Never water the lawn just before mowing/avoid watering on your scheduled mowing day. This will prevent mower damage to the lawn where it is soft and wet. You get a better cut when your lawn is dry.
  • As a guideline, water for about 20 minutes per zone.
  • Remember, water enough to keep it green and actively growing. It takes much more water to bring your lawn out of drought stress than it does to prevent it. This is a big part of having a beautiful lawn.

This seems like a lot to remember...

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