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Lawn Disease Control Tips

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Lawns that are healthy and well cared for will have little or no signs of disease. When a fungus, mold or patch disease is found in a lawn it is often related to improper maintenance practices. Listed below are poor maintenance practices that can actually CAUSE disease.

NEGATIVE -Mowing too short
POSITIVE – Mow at 3”

NEGATIVE Mowing infrequently (letting lawn overgrow)
POSITIVE – Mow every 7 days

NEGATIVE Overwatering
POSITIVE – Water enough to keep green and growing.

NEGATIVE Watering late evening or overnight
POSITIVE – Water early to mid morning (daylight hours)

NEGATIVE Under fertilizing or timing applications too far apart
POSITIVE – Appropriate timing

NEGATIVE Over fertilizing or timing applications to close together
POSITIVE – Appropriate timing

As you can see from the list of negative lawn maintenance practices above, the more negatives you give your lawn the more negative the health and overall appearance. The more positives you give your lawn the more positive the health and appearance. If you have disease problems with your lawn, correct your negative lawn maintenance practices and this will in turn correct the disease. Remember, having a beautiful lawn is all about moderation and consistency in your lawn care.

This seems like a lot to remember...

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