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We’ve all heard the recommendations: Cut your lawn high. Mow at a minimum of 3”. You’ll have fewer weeds if you raise the mower deck. Don’t let your lawn overgrow. Why is this? How can mowing height affect crabgrass control? Or make the weed control work better? It’s really quite simple once we break it down.

First things first. If youre not already mowing on a regular schedule, pick a day of the week and cut every 7 days. There may be times in spring when your lawn is growing excessively fast and weekly mowing may not be enough. Rather than changing your regular scheduled mowing, simply add an additional cutting 3 or 4 days after it’s been cut. Do this as needed in spring but keep your regular day. Consistency is key. Once things slow down, stay on your weekly cutting schedule for the rest of the season. This will help thicken the lawn. Avoid excessive time between mowings. This will also make the lawn thinner as it focuses on growing up, rather than filling in and thickening up.

Mowing height has three major benefits. (1) Helps control weeds. (2) Helps control crabgrass germination. (3) Helps reduce the amount of water needed to keep it green and growing.

When grass is cut too short, it reduces the root system below. This in turn makes the lawn thinner. It is very common to have weeds growing around the borders of the landscaping, trees etc. There is a very good reason for this: using a trimmer around these areas typically cuts the lawn considerably shorter. This makes the lawn thinner and allows weeds to germinate as there is less competition for space. If the entire lawn is cut too short, it will become thinner and allow weeds to grow. Simply stated, the lawn can’t crowd out weeds when it is cut too short.

Good crabgrass control also requires a high cutting height. Crabgrass loves to grow where it’s hot and sunny, especially if the lawn is cut short. When the lawn is maintained at 3” or higher, it helps cool the ground and crowd out crabgrass germination. You will notice crabgrass always grows in hot sunny conditions especially around the edges of sidewalks and drives. As well as areas that are cut too short. On the contrary, you will never find it growing in cool, wet or shady areas. Maintaining proper height will reduce crabgrass germination.

A lawn consistently mowed at 3” or higher will also require less watering. Not only does it build a deeper heathier root system, but it also shades itself and its roots. The biggest advantage is quite overlooked. Grass is 95% water by weight. It stores water in the blades of grass. When the lawn is mowed and 1/3 of the plant is removed, this also removes 1/3 of its stored water. Watering your lawn immediately after mowing is an excellent practice. The shorter you maintain your lawn, the less water it can store. Maintaining your lawn at a proper height will allow it to store more water, shade itself and its root system, build a deeper root system, crowd out weeds and pevent crabgrass germination.

This seems like a lot to remember...

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