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Growing Greener Lawns FAQs

Lawn Cutting FAQs

When does the lawn mowing season begin in Plymouth, MI?

The season typically begins around the third week of April and continues until the first week of Novembe

Does everyone get a spring or fall clean up?

No. Clean ups are performed for an additional charge. Some homes don't require clean up work while others have extensive clean up. If you would like a quote for your home contact us.

Do I need to call each year and request a Spring or fall clean up?

No, we will automatically re schedule and provide service based on last season's scheduled work.

When will my spring clean up be performed?

Usually early to mid April depending on weather conditions.

When will my Fall clean up be performed?

We usually begin fall clean ups around November 10th. If you had a Fall clean up performed last season we will automatically schedule one this season. If you would like a quote for fall clean up at your home please contact us

Lawn Fertilizing FAQs

When should I expect my first treatment in spring?

Depending on weather conditions, we begin the first round of fertilizer at the end of March and continue this application until April 21st

You made you first visit and applied fertilizer. Why aren't my weeds dying?

The first application consists of a well balanced fertilizer and crabgrass prevention. You can be assured we will be treating for broadleaf weeds on your next visit.

Why won't my weeds die?

Depending on conditions, it may take up to two weeks for your weeds to die. There are many reasons for reduced control. If, after two weeks you are not satisfied with the results contact us and we will re-treat at no cost to you.

When should I water my lawn after a weed control application?

It is best to let the weed killer sit on the weeds overnight and water it in the following morning. A light rain following an application is not ideal, but it will still work satisfactorily.

How long should I stay off my lawn after it has been sprayed with weed killer?

At a minimum, you should keep off until dry. In the summer this generally takes about an hour. To be safe we recommend to stay off for 24 hrs and after it has been watered in.


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