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Growing Greener Lawns

Your lawn is an extension of your home. A place to relax. A place for the kids or pets to play and run. When it is nice, thick and well taken care of it invites you to enjoy yourself and enjoy life.

Getting a beautiful lawn is not always easy to do by yourself. That is why Growing Greener Lawns is here. Our expertise and attention to detail allows your lawn to be its best! We can customize our program to fit your lawn care needs, to build on the existing strengths and help eliminate the weaknesses such as grubs or bare areas.

What you will love most is our professional and friendly service. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction!

Who We Are

Growing Greener Lawns is a Plymouth, MI based lawn company specializing in residential lawn care and is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. Founded in 1991, we offer our customers the best in lawn fertilizing both traditional and low impact.

We are a licensed pesticide company and employ knowledgeable certified technicians to service your lawn.

Our Customers

Our customers, and their satisfaction, are first priority! Through the years our expertise and work ethic has produced some of the most beautiful lawns in all of Michigan!

We take pride in knowing that your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Get Started Today!

Contact us for a free lawn service quote and we’ll respond quickly!

Perfect Lawn Care - Tips

At some point we’ve all passed by that perfect lawn – thick, green, beautifully manicured and weed free. We drive by and think to ourselves “They must spend all day working on their lawn.” Or “We’re too busy to spend that kind of time or money on our lawn.” Some homeowners think they lack the knowledge. Others they don’t have a green thumb. All of this couldn’t be further from the truth. Like most things in life, moderation and consistency is the key. In this article, we will go over fertilizing, mowing, watering and insect/disease control. Having a beautiful lawn is easier than you think. We will address key components of every aspect of proper lawn care and look at common misconceptions and myths. Whether you do your own lawn fertilizing or hire a local lawn care company, we will provide you valuable knowledge to help you create your own beautiful lawn.

Lawn Fertilizing
Dry or liquid? Quick release or slow release? How many applications? How often? With or without weed control? With all the options, this decision can seem daunting. If you do your own lawn fertilizing the only choice is dry. If you plan on using a professional, the answer should be the same.
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Lawn Watering
Proper watering techniques are a key component is creating a beautiful lawn. Like all other aspects of lawn maintenance, moderation and consistency is key. Amount of water, duration per zone, watering days, time of day, soil type and rainfall are all factors deciding how much watering is necessary.
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Lawn Mowing
We’ve all heard the recommendations: Cut your lawn high. Mow at a minimum of 3”. You’ll have fewer weeds if you raise the mower deck. Don’t let your lawn overgrow. Why is this? How can mowing height affect crabgrass control? Or make the weed control work better? It’s really quite simple once we break it down.
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Lawn Insect Control
There are two types of insects that feed on the lawn that can cause damage to your lawn. Surface feeding insects and root feeding insects. If not controlled these insects can cause serious damage to your lawn. Healthy lawns that are properly maintained will stave off damage even if there is a population of these insects present.
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Lawn Disease Control
Lawns that are healthy and well cared for will have little or no signs of disease. When a fungus, mold or patch disease is found in a lawn it is often related to improper maintenance practices. Listed below are poor maintenance practices that can actually CAUSE disease.
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We provide lawn care to many communities in Southeast Michigan including: Plymouth, Canton, Northville, Novi, Livonia.

Why Choose Us?

We are a local family owned business committed to providing quality service year after year.

We employ knowledgeable state certified lawn technicians to care for your lawn.

Our proven program is both cost effective and will give you a healthy, weed free lawn you can be proud of.

All treatments are backed by the Growing Greener Lawns guarantee!

Growing Greener Lawns